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Hi! I’m Jonathan Bales (@BalesFootball) and I’m the founder of RotoAcademy. Some of you might know me as the author of the Fantasy Football for Smart People book series, or from my work at the New York Times, RotoWire, RotoGrinders, 4for4, rotoViz, ABC, or Dallas Morning News.

I founded RotoAcademy to bridge the gap between the typical owner and fantasy football’s elite. My goal is to teach you the tricks of the trade that make the best players as good as they are.

I will personally be creating the majority of the content at RotoAcademy, but I also have a few instructors who will be contributing as well. The rest of the “faculty” includes some of the world’s top fantasy football players and writers, including Shawn Siegele (Pro Football FocusrotoViz), widely considered one of the top high-stakes fantasy football owners in the world. Shawn recently took down both first and second in the NFFC High-Stakes Primetime league, netting him $175,000. So yeah, he’s not bad.

There will also be content and lessons provided by Jon Moore, Davis Mattek, Jim Sannes, and Rich Hribar, among others—all considered among the brightest minds in fantasy football analytics.

I’m confident you’ll find the lessons at RotoAcademy both enjoyable and actionable. Sign up now and dominate both your season-long and daily fantasy football leagues for years to come.

What Will I Learn?

RotoAcademy is comprised of timeless lessons that will transform you into someone who can dominate fantasy football for years to come. We care less about “What will Dez Bryant do this year?” and more about “How do wide receivers with Dez Bryant’s skill set, age, and history of production typically perform?” With such a focus, the hope is to teach you to fish, as the saying goes.

To give you an idea of what you’ll be learning, here are a few examples of RotoAcademy lessons:


- Which Types of Rookies to Draft
- How to Execute the Perfect Trade
- How to Use Average Draft Position to Get Value
- When the 40-Yard Dash Matters
- How to Use the Vegas Lines to Make Projections
- Which Draft Strategies Work Best
- How Much a Weak Quarterback Hurts a Wide Receiver
- How Weather Affects Performance
- Breaking Down Player Stats on Home vs. Road

You’ll be getting that sort of analysis each month, delivered right to your e-mail. Sign up now to begin your path to fantasy football domination.


How much does RotoAcademy cost?

The current cost is $3.49 per month, but the pricing is flexible and will increase as demand does the same. For the amount of high-quality content you’ll receive each month, RotoAcademy is on the low end of the fantasy content pricing spectrum. That’s primarily because we want your long-term business. The thinking is that if you enroll in RotoAcademy, you’ll stick around, which will ultimately benefit both of us.


Can I see a sample?

Sure. You can download a free PDF with four lessons by entering your e-mail below.


Can I buy previous lessons?

Yes, you can purchase past issues of RotoAcademy at the same site where I sell my books, in the FFD Shop. The best value will always be to enroll right here, though.

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What is RotoAcademy?

It’s a training course. It’s a newsletter. It’s a book club. It’s a fantasy football university.

Each month, you’ll receive a book-length (yes, book-length) PDF containing fantasy football “lessons”—articles, videos, and podcasts developed by the world's top fantasy football owners with the specific goal of helping you become a dominant fantasy football player. The content at RotoAcademy is timeless in nature. The goal is to give you the foundation you need to make the best decisions you can make, on your own, for years to come.

Founded by Jonathan Bales, author of the Fantasy Football for Smart People book series, RotoAcademy is a must-have educational tool for any serious fantasy football owner. Based around a scientific, mathematical approach to fantasy football, RotoAcademy will fundamentally change the way you approach the game.


How will RotoAcademy make me better?

In short, RotoAcademy will help you make optimal fantasy football choices on your own. Instead of learning which decisions other experts make, you’ll learn why they make them. Why do the best fantasy football players draft the same types of wide receivers, for example, and how can you discover what they already know?


Should I enroll?

RotoAcademy has in-depth content for all types of fantasy football owners—geared toward providing lessons that are helpful to the most advanced players but also understood and capable of being implemented by intermediate and even novice players.

Further, because much of RotoAcademy will focus on overarching fantasy football concepts, optimal in-season moves, and week-to-week analytics, it’s a great value for both season-long and daily fantasy players.


Why should I enroll in the offseason?

A couple reasons. For one, you simply get more stuff. The earlier you sign up, the more you’ll receive before the season begins. Since RotoAcademy is comprised of timeless content, you can and will use lessons from January, February, and March, for example, to help you draft in August. Think of RotoAcademy as a journey to fantasy football stardom; the sooner you enroll, the sooner you become elite.

Second, and more important, you’ll get the cheapest rate! As the season approaches, the cost of “tuition” will increase. The earlier you enroll, the cheaper the tuition you can lock in.


How and when do I get the newsletter/lessons/PDF?

The lessons, which come in a newsletter-esque format, will be delivered to your e-mail as a PDF once per month. You'll receive your first set of lessons after your sign up, and then all subsequent lessons on the 1st of each month. After enrolling, you don’t need to do anything else ever again.


 Do I get old lessons?

In our crazy scheme to turn a profit, NO, you won't get old newsletters when you sign up. You get the latest PDF that was sent out, along with each new set of lessons each month. That, along with the future increase in prices, should be motivation to sign up ASAP.


Can I cancel? Are there any obligations?

Sure. To cancel, you just need to provide us with a written request, signed in blood, along with three rattles from the New Mexican ridge-nosed rattlesnake, and of course your soul.

Just kidding. You can cancel at any time. There are no obligations. If you want to stop receiving the lessons, you can do so whenever you’d like.


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