RotoAcademy is a daily fantasy sports school built around a monthly newsletter that helps you become elite.

Each month, you’ll receive a book-length PDF with written and video daily fantasy football lessons. Founded by Jonathan Bales (@BalesFootball), author of the Fantasy Football for Smart People book series, RotoAcademy is a must-have educational tool for any serious daily fantasy sports player who wants to maximize profits. Based around a scientific, mathematical approach to fantasy sports, RotoAcademy will fundamentally change the way you approach the game. Download a free sample or learn more.

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By Enrolling in RotoAcademy, You’ll Learn…

  • New Cutting-Edge Strategies

    RotoAcademy is founded upon the notion that, as a form of a marketplace, daily fantasy sports leagues are best tackled with a “contrarian” approach. Drawing from game theory and other fields, you’ll learn in-depth techniques to dominate daily fantasy sports tournaments by going against the grain. We’ll also show you which numbers can help you perfectly navigate cash games.

  • How to Use Science in Daily Fantasy Sports

    One of the traits that separates RotoAcademy from other daily fantasy sports services is that we take a truly scientific approach to the game, valuing the pursuit of knowledge as highly as the knowledge itself. We’ll show you the latest theories, trends, and stats in daily fantasy sports, but more important, we’ll teach you how to be flexible enough to change your strategies based on new evidence.

  • How to Maximize Profits

    At the end of the day, all that really matters is the bottom line. Playing daily fantasy sports might be fun , but we approach the game primarily from an investment standpoint. From proper bankroll management to making accurate projections to exploiting opponent weaknesses based on the league type, everything you learn will be geared toward making money.


Money Back Guarantee

Not satisfied with your enrollment in RotoAcademy? Haha, yeah right. Oh, you’re serious? We have a feeling you’re going to love being a student of RotoAcademy, but if not, you shouldn’t have to pay and you’ll receive a full refund.


Check Out What Others Are Saying…

C.D. Carter, Author of 'How to Think Like a Fantasy Football Winner'

An amazingly detailed and intricately thought-out plan for how to win over the long run in fantasy football

Michael Rathburn, RotoWire

Bales has been able to take what Doyle Brunson and Dan Harrington did for the poker industry and apply it to fantasy football. This is a must and point of reference for all levels of players.

Cancel at any time. You will be redirected to a landing page
after purchase to view and download your first set of lessons.